League of Educators

Supporting the Teacher ~ Supports the Learners

Please email us to book your one on one session today info@laylasleague.com.

Energize the Teacher!

Our training sessions focus on practical, concrete strategies for common teaching tasks, challenges, and opportunities. Teacher workshops are totally hands on and we have small group (4-6) or one-to-one instruction options. All workshops are offered in 60 min sessions.
Contact us for Pricing we host one on one and small group workshops.

Technology Integrated Instruction

This training session will teach you to use and manage various instructional apps. Let's talk formative and summative assessment strategies.

Love your Lesson Plans

This training session will help you understand ways to get the most out of your lesson plans that are technologically integrated.
This training session will help you understand ways to gain student engagement through gamification.
Gamification refers to an instructional strategy with the aim to increase engagement, motivation, and participation.