What is Scratch?

Scratch is a programming interface that is aimed specifically at children. By providing a fun and attractive user interface featuring a cartoon cat, Scratch aims to engage elementary school students in computing technology, logic, and application development.

Scratch Tutoring

  • The Activity of the Day explained by the instructor (Essential Question, Learning Objectives, Vocabulary Building and Assistance with hands-on Activities)

  • Assessment: The participant will need to have someone play/review the completed project and provide feedback on the provided google form information will be shared with participate so they can record finding for future modifications.

  • Journaling throughout the session (this gives participants practice with collecting data to use for presentation, proof of evidence and modifications)

  • Certificate of completion will be issued when each session is successfully completed (the feedback form is required)

Scratch Tutoring

  • Computer with a web camera and Internet connection

  • Access to Zoom or Google Meet (sessions are instructed virtually)

  • Scratch Account (I can help with set up but participants may need parental assistance with initial use)

  • Join Mrs. Yvette Google CS classroom

  • (optional but highly advised) Layla's League Coding Design Journal - available for purchase on amazon